THIS DAY IN HISTORY (January 30, 1934) – John Dillinger

Faribault Daily News

Heavily guarded, manacled and shackled, outlaw John Dillinger is shown on Jan. 30, 1934, as he is taken from one plane to another in St. Louis, Tenn., while under way to his final destination, Indiana jail at Crown Point. (AP Photo).


He didn’t stay long.

Dillinger was caught in Tucson, Arizona on January 25, 1934. He was later escorted back to Indiana by Matthew Leach, the chief of the Indiana State Police, and imprisoned within the Crown Point jail.

The local police boasted to area newspapers that the jail was escape-proof and posted extra guards to make sure. What happened on the day of Dillinger’s escape on March 3rd is still open to debate.

Deputy Ernest Blunk claimed that Dillinger escaped using a real pistol, but FBI files make clear that Dillinger carved a fake pistol from a potato. -Source Wikipedia

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