Edsel Ford’s 1934 Model 40 Custom Speedster

Edsel Ford commissioned a number of special automobiles from Ford Motor Company for his personal use. Each one spoke to his design talents. Edsel collaborated with designer Bob Gregorie to create this 1934 Model 40 Speedster. The sleek profile, custom aluminum body and flathead V-8 engine anticipated the hot rods that soon appeared on southern California streets. -Source HenryFord.org

Edsel Ford was all about form. Henry Ford cared only for function. Henry, the practical, conservative inventor who believed his Model T was all the car anyone from farmhand to millionaire would ever need, clashed with his well-traveled, cultured, and artistic prodigal son from the moment he named 25-year-old Edsel company president on New Year’s Day, 1919. The collision of Henry’s practical conservatism with Edsel’s Gatsby-esque cultural “elitism” is an American story plot that resounds to this day. -Source Motor Trend

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